Connecting Your Heart to Your Maker and Your Mate


Do you feel connected to God and your spouse?

God made us for connection - with Him and with others. But staying connected in the busy world we live in is NOT easy! With jobs, kids, church, and other outside activities, what gets put on the back burner many times is our time together as husband and wife. We simply don't take time together.

  "The greatest enemy of marriages is not adultery, or pornography, or even bad communication. The greatest enemy of every marriage is simply neglect."     

--- Paul David Tripp ---


Read that quote one more time, please.


Husband or wife, are you really taking time to CONNECT in your marriage? Or are you and your spouse sort of "coasting in marriage"?  As a friend once warned me, "Cruise control is great for your car, but it is death to your marriage!". 

We want to help you in this battle to keep connecting in your marriage, so that it can grow. I don't know about you, but my wife and I don't just want to "survive" in marriage, we believe God designed us to actually THRIVE in marriage!


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See our latest posts on all kinds of topics related to staying connected in marriage. Many times when a husband or wife is facing a challenging situation, reading a post can help give us perspective on the situation and lead us back toward God's path for our marriage.


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There is so much information, books, and help available for married couples, but how do I know what is really true to God's Word?  Check out our list of books, online posts and articles, and websites that can help you navigate areas of challenge in your marriage relationship.



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