Thanks for coming to find out more about us! We are Glen and Shawn Solberg, a married couple living in Central Arkansas, who are passionate about helping other couples have a thriving, Christ-centered marriage. We are on staff with Marriage Revolution and head up the Little Rock office.  


As we talk about helping couples, we love painting the picture of all of us being "fellow travelers" on the road of marriage. When one couple needs help, another couple is here to walk with them on the road. And when the couple who helped needs help, God provides a couple in their time of need as well. This site was created to bring both encouragement and help to husbands and wives on the road of marriage. So check out our Encouragement Posts, our Help Page, and our Resources Page as well.

We encourage you to scroll down from here to find out more about How We Serve, Our Mission, plus some other cool stuff! Thank again for checking this out!

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How We Serve

Glen and Shawn are both part of the core of Marriage Revolution’s office in Little Rock.  The Lord called both of us to bring His help and hope to couples through one-on-one biblical marriage counseling.  But how that plays out in our roles day-to-day, is different, much like how our roles and husband and wife in marriage are different, yet compliment one another.

Glen’s primary role is doing biblical marriage counseling with couples full-time along with the administrative duties that come with giving leadership to the Little Rock Office.  Glen loves that privilege of coming alongside couples and seeing the Lord heal, restore, and strengthen their marriages.

Because we place a high value on family, Shawn’s primary role in this season of life is still as a Mom, even though two of our three kids are out of the house and we are nearing the empty nest stage of life.  Outside of her primary role with our kids, Shawn’s role with the Little Rock Office is to help and support Glen in his role.  She helps bear the burden of the many administrative tasks but she also serves in doing biblical marriage counseling with couples alongside Glen on a part-time basis. We are so thankful we can serve together in this way!


We thank the LORD for calling us to bring His help and hope to marriages, first with FamilyLife for 12+ years, and now with Marriage Revolution.  It is a joy and privilege to serve Him in this way!

Our Mission

Minstry to Hurting Couples:  Our hearts break when we talk to couples who have given up hope, or children who wonder if Mommy and Daddy are going to stop loving them too.  On a regular basis, we hear news of couples we know personally that are choosing to end their marriages – most often for selfish reasons.  In our church and community, we meet couples that desperately need to find God’s help and hope for their marriage. Many of them, like us in our early years, don’t have a true picture of God’s blueprint for marriage.  We have a passion to show people that there is always hope in Jesus Christ.

Mission to End Complacency: In addition to helping hurting couples, God has also given us a compelling desire to change people’s complacent attitudes about marriage. God does not take the marriage commitment lightly, neither should we! Husbands and wives must understand that we have an enemy who is determined to destroy our relationships. We must be actively working with our spouse to improve our relationship…or suffer the inevitable consequences.  God is using the ministry of Marriage Revolution to give people the tools they need to make their relationship all that God wants it to be. Lives are being changed as God uses this ministry to meet the needs of so many hurting and complacent couples. We pray that God’s favor would remain on Marriage Revolution for many more years.

Mandate to Share the Gospel:  Finally and most importantly, we understand that the most fundamental element in having a godly marriage and a godly family is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. God’s plan and His purpose for marriage and family do not work without His power – the indwelling Holy Spirit.  We place a high value and priority on telling others about Jesus Christ. In the midst of a crisis, we realize that many couples and families will be open to hear and respond to God’s great gift of salvation! And your partnership with us can help us share this great gift with more people. We want to be used by God to make a difference in this generation!

Crisis and Calling

We see the devastating effects of hurting and broken marriages and families all around us today – in every neighborhood and community!  Marriages and families are dying every day.  And this is not confined to those outside the Body of Christ.  Many Christian marriages and families are struggling as well.

We have seen personally how quickly and easily a marriage can break apart. After being married in November of 1992 in Houston, Texas, we immediately began to have problems. In the summer of 1993 we were on the brink of divorce because of Glen’s adulterous relationship with another woman. After having been married for only one year, we did not see hope for our marriage. God brought us down to our lowest point in order to bring us back up to Himself.

Glen surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and began his personal relationship with God during this early period of struggle. Then God began to show us things that needed to be worked on and changed. We agreed to stay together and asked God to change us. It took the next 5 years to get beyond the emotional pain of that first year. But after much work, many prayers, and daily communication, God took the word “divorce” out of our vocabulary.

The Call to FamilyLife 


We attended our first FamilyLife “Weekend to Remember Marriage Getaway” in the Fall of 1999 in San Antonio, Texas. After this great weekend conference, we finally understood, for the first time, God’s blueprint for marriage. We knew that more people needed to know about this ministry and all the tools available to strengthen a marriage and family. So we started volunteering for FamilyLife by simply promoting upcoming marriage conferences and leading small-group Bible studies. But God wanted more!

Early in 2000, we began to wrestle with what we believed was a calling from God into full-time service. At that time, God made it very clear to us that He had put us through all the heartache of our first year of marriage so that we could minister to other couples. And how could we refuse the call of the One who had saved our marriage?  So, later that year, we began the process of applying to become missionary staff with FamilyLife. After two and a half years of raising our initial support, we moved to Little Rock, Arkansas in the summer of 2003 to serve at the headquarters of FamilyLife.  We had the privilege of serving at FamilyLife until 2016, when He called us to serve and help marriages in a more focused way.

The Call to Marriage Revolution


In late 2015, the Lord began to shine His spotlight on a growing need:  biblical marriage counseling.  We see couples these days married a year or less who are already “in crisis” and ready to throw their marriage away.  And this is not limited to newly married couples.  In every age and stage of marriage, we see more and more couples choosing to end their marriage, some even after more than 20 or 25 years.  This breaks our hearts because we know the breakup of a marriage is so devastating for all those involved – husband, wife, and kids.

So as much as we loved the one-to-many ministry we had done for 12+ years with FamilyLife, God was calling us to one-on-one ministry with couples.  And from late 2015 through early 2016, the Lord continued give us confirmation after confirmation that it was HIM that was calling us to do this.  So finally, on Good Friday, March 25, 2016, we surrendered fully to His call for us to serve Him in this way.

We were excited that the Lord had called us to meet this need, but even more excited that He gave us the chance to become part of Marriage Revolution.  Marriage Revolution was started in 2010 in Houston, Texas as a ministry to bring help to couples without letting money stand in the way.  And the Lord has used Marriage Revolution to impact hundreds of marriages and families since that time.  So we began a new outreach of Marriage Revolution in Little Rock in 2016.  

With Great Thanksgiving 


Each year as we celebrate our wedding anniversary, we thank God for reconciling our relationship and allowing us the privilege of raising our three children. Because of God’s grace to us, we are able to tell others about God’s plan, His purpose, and His power for reconciling their marriage relationship, as He did with ours. We long to see couples restored to His original blueprint – a covenant relationship!

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