Encouragement for ALL of us from Matt Chandler

In this unusual season of COVID-19, I am thankful for the Lord providing abundant resources for us to, not just endure this time of COVID-19, but actually grow through it as Christ-followers. I am thankful that He gives us His Word that can encourage and transform our thinking. He has provided His Spirit, that indwells us and empowers us to not shrink back in fear. And He has provided gifted leaders that can challenge and encourage us from His Word.

One of those leaders that God used to encourage me is Matt Chandler. Matt was part of a group of leaders who were part of Leader Check In - a virtual gathering of leaders to speak into and encourage the Church in this season of COVID-19.

So check out the video below from Matt Chandler. I believe well worth the 15 minutes to hear him encouraging ALL of us from Exodus Chapter 3:

And if you would like to hear others leaders sharing from Leader Check In. Then just click on this link to go to that site

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