Henry Blackaby: Appointment with God

Even though the “default” above says this is written by Glen Solberg, it was not. It was written by Henry Blackaby in his Experiencing God book.

Early each day I have an appointment with God. I often wonder what happens when the God who loves me comes to meet with me. How does He feel when He asks, “Henry, where are you?” and I am not there. I have found this to be true in my walk with the Lord: I keep the time alone with God, not in order to have a relationship, but because I have a relationship. Because I have that love relationship with the Lord, I want to meet with Him and spend time with Him. Time with Him enriches and deepens the relationship I already have with Him.

I hear many people say, “I really struggle trying to have time alone with God.” If that is a problem you face, let me suggest something: make the priority in your life to love the Lord with all your heart. That will solve most of your problem with the quiet time. People who struggle to spend time with God don’t have a scheduling problem; they have a love problem. You have a quiet time because you know Him and therefore love Him, not just because you want to learn more about Him. The Apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 that Christ’s love compelled or constrained him.

Let me share an example. When two people love each other and plan to marry, they want to find out information about each other. However, that is not the primary reason they date. They date and spend time together because they love each other and enjoy being together.

Similarly, you will learn much about God, His Word, His purposes, and His ways as you spend time with Him. You will come to know Him as you experience Him working in and through your life. But simply learning more “head knowledge” about Him is not the primary reason why you should want to have a quiet time with Him. The more you know Him and experience His unfathomable love, the more you will love Him. You will want time alone with God because you love Him and enjoy His fellowship.

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