It Seems So Simple to Do

It seems so simple to do, and yet the number of folks actually doing this is decreasing year-by-year. As of the writing of this post, various reputable sources show percentages somewhere between 11% and 32%. But for me, even if the real number is as high as 32%, that percentage is still so discouraging to hear!

What am I talking about? The statistics on how many Christians read their Bibles on a regular basis. And these stats go across all segments of the Christian faith – Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals, etc.

There are lots of reasons why people say they don't read regularly: too busy, can't understand the Bible, find it boring, don't see the point, etc. But rather than talk about the reasons why we don't do this, let's talk about one thing I know we can do when we find ourselves not reading the Bible regularly.

Repent! You might be thinking, “Glen, isn't that a little too harsh? Do I really need to repent?” I think Jesus would agree. He started His earthy ministry with these words from Matthew 4:17: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (1A)

In following Christ, God's first step toward lasting change is alwaystrue repentance.True repentance includes admitting my failure to the Lord, seeking His forgiveness, and then asking Him to help me put off the things that are causing this, and put on the things He has provided to help me grow in my walk with Him. The Word of God is one of the critical tools that helps me grow.

If you honestly find yourself in a season where you are not reading regularly or want to read more consistently, then take a minute or two right now to have a moment of confession and repentance with the Lord – just you and Him. Please do that now before reading on.

Two Simple Verses

I believe the heart of God is that every Christ-follower know Him more and more. He reveals Himself in many ways, but I think He chooses to do that most consistently through His Word. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is the story of God revealing Himself and His Kingdom to His Creation.

So rather than giving you the “Top 5 Ways to Read Your Bible More”, let me just give you a couple of verses that have really been helpful for me personally when it comes to reading my Bible:

Psalm 119:36-37: Incline my heart to Your testimonies, and not to selfish gain! (37) Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in Your ways.

In these two verses, here are two things that strike me:

  • Verse 36 reminds me that the natural inclination of my heart is NOT for His Word or the things of God and His Kingdom, but rather for my selfish desires.

  • Verse 37 illuminates the reality that when my eyes turn toward worthless things, those things distract me from His Word – the Word that gives me life.

As I further reflect on these two things, I see a connection you may see as well: when my heart is inclined toward my selfish desires, those desires drive my eyes to focus on those worthless things. My heart always drives my desires and behaviors!

Now that the Lord has shown us where our flesh naturally drives us, let's ask the Lord to help us grow our love and consistency in His Word by using these two verses as a prayer to Him:

Lord, thank You for giving us Your Word. By Your Spirit through Your Word, incline my heart to You, Your Word, and the things of Your Kingdom, and away from my selfish desires. I want to have life in Your ways and I know You teach me those ways through Your Word. Help me more and more consistently turn my eyes away from other things so that I can spend time knowing You more intimately through Your Word. In the Name of Jesus.

Other Helps

If you are looking for more encouragement to grow in reading the Bible regularly, check out the posts below. My prayer for myself and for you is what the Psalmist shared: “As the deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for You, O God. My soul thirsts for the Living God.” (Psalm 42:1-2)

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(1A): ADDITIONAL: If you would like to read more on the critical role of repentance in our life as Christ-followers, then click on the following short link: (link is case sensitive)

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