The Temptation to "Skip Thanksgiving"

This is a post from one of the Pastors at our church, Bill Elliff. And since I love Thanskgiving, but not all the stuff that "invades" on Thanksgiving, wanted to share this to make all of us think again about the real focus on Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

I went to a very, very large store (that starts with a “Wal”) about three weeks ago and asked them if they had any Thanksgiving stuff. The lady was standing in the middle of eight aisles of Christmas decorations. She said, “The Thanksgiving decorations are on the end of the first aisle.” I was amazed, but not surprised to find a small, single stack of Thanksgiving plates and napkins. That’s it.

It’s pathetic. Have you noticed how our American culture jumps right past Thanksgiving now? Christmas starts November 1st. It’s all about money I suppose. Christmas is not really about Christ for most Americans…it’s about “stuff”. Stores live for profit so if they can milk the birth of Christ a little more they will. And Thanksgiving? No profit there.

But there is. Thanksgiving is the quickest route to what we all want more than anything else: joy. The lost art of giving thanks leads to the lost blessing of joy. Joy comes from the perspective that only gratitude brings. And God says there’s a way to give thanks in EVERYTHING. Seems like there would be a limit to that statement, but not with God.

You can skip right past real “thanks-giving” if you want to see what’s under the tree. But you’ll miss the joy that only the gift of gratitude brings.

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