There is so much information available online for married couples, but how do I know what is really true to God's Word?  Check out our list of online posts and articles that can help you navigate areas of challenge in your marriage relationship. And this is only a limited list. If you are facing a challenge in your marriage and do not see something on this list to help, please go to our Contact Us Page and submit a request with the topic or specific challenge you are facing. 

Intimacy in Marriage:
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Marriage Revolution Post:
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In our many years of searching for great resources on marriage, we have come across some ministries/websites that are really helpful for any husband or wife who is seeking to have an abiding marriage. Some are specific to marriage and family and some are more about a Christ-centered life. We encourage you to check them out below:





See our personal list of books that we think are "spot on" when it comes to helping husbands and wives have a great mariage as they grow in their deeply abiding relationship with jesus Christ.